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SCOPS Consulting and its team of experts can meet your needs and requirements.

Our Services

Projects are our business, your healthcare yours

We offer comprehensive healthcare consulting services in strategy, survey, business management, operations management and much more. We support:

All scale healthcare projects

Government healthcare initiative

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) projects

SCOPS CONSULTING is a strategic partner that offers solutions to support the management and development of healthcare centres, medical imaging, clinical research labs, etc. With the support of our associates, we provide end-to-end solutions supporting hospital Information system (SIH), solving energy and water challenges. We will also support with business advice, operations management, structuring, project development and financing.


  • Project Management Office (PMO)

  • Strategy, Planning, Development & Implementation

  • Business & Operational Management

  • Structural Organization

  • Project Funding & Assessment of needs

  • Hospital Information Systems (HIS)

  • Partnerships


  • Project Sectorial Study

  • Project Geographical Study

  • Project Risk Assessment

  • Feasibility Study & Project Implementation

  • Healthcare Environmental & Ecosystem Study

  • PESTEL/SWOT study  


  • Trade Finance

  • Investment assistance

  • Financial Engineering

  • Funding assistance

  • Business Plan


  • Healthcare Project execution

  • Improvement of procedures

  • Operations & Financier Audit

  • Healthcare Maintenance and training support

  • Definition of service offerings for healthcare professionals

  • Deployment of Hospital Information System (HIS/ HCIT)

  • Energy & water solution

We look forward to working with you!

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SCOPS Consulting

SCOPS CONSULTING is a consultancy firm dedicated to the healthcare sector and specializes in the development of infrastructure and healthcare projects.

SCOPS Consulting

SCOPS CONSULTING est un cabinet de conseil spécialisé dans le développement de projet et infrastructure de santé.

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+225 22 43 60 03
Cocody – Abidjan
Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory-Coast)

+225 22 43 60 03
Cocody – Abidjan
Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory-Coast)