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Our experience and know-how is recognized by all our partners.

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Solution Consulting Operation & Service

SCOPS CONSULTING is a consultancy firm dedicated to healthcare projects and infrastructure development. Based in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, we are supporting private and public sector healthcare entities. SCOPS CONSULTING know-how is recognized by all our partners.

SCOPS CONSULTING contributes to the creation of modern and reliable healthcare structures adapted to local requirements in order to improve population’s access to high-quality healthcare tools. We rely on a committed team with authentic values that bring added value to the improvement of healthcare systems and performance processes in Francophone African countries. We bring our experience in these areas:

  • Acquisition of modern health infrastructure and equipment’s
  • Funding for healthcare projects and programs
  • Provision of initial and continuing training of healthcare personnel
  • Realization of hospital information systems (HIS)
  • Development & implementation of targeted healthcare programs

Enabling African populations to access quality care in a sustainable way through private or public structures.


Propose the best possible solutions to our customers to successfully deliver world-class healthcare services.


Financing institution for adequate funding; healthcare adequate technology; continuous implementation and monitoring of our tailored approach for an innovative healthcare system in Africa.

Our Story

  • 2013: The birth of SCOPS

    The idea of creating a consulting entity in the distribution, installation and monitoring of biomedical equipment is established.

  • 2013-2016: The training and professional years

    The years “learning ” has allowed a significant increase in the required spheres experiences and the expertise necessary to the creation of SCOPS Consulting.

  • 2017: SCOPS Consulting

    SCOPS Consulting was born and its team composition was made by strategic choices that today meet specific needs in healthcare projects development.

Our Team

SCOPS Consulting is made up of a team of experienced consultants who over the years have accumulated expertise with international organizations in finance, healthcare, information system, such as the World Bank, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Novartis, Roche, General Electric (GE), British Broadcasting Company (BBC), HAVAS Worldwide etc…

At SCOPS Consulting, we pool our complementary skills and work together to the success of your project. With a spirit of the work well done, our team delivers personalized solutions with measurable results. Our team is supported by multi-disciplinary consultants composed of clinicians, doctors, caregivers, economists, healthcare authorities and institutions that we regularly consult to accompany you in confronting Africa’s healthcare system main challenges. With a personalized service of excellent quality provided in full transparency by our coordinated network, we scan all the fields of action for a complete service.

Lancina S. SORO
Managing Partner

Director of sales channel and business development network Francophone Countries with more than 15 years of experience in healthcare.

Serge B. Ehouman
Managing Partner

Commercial operations Director with over 16 years of international experience in healthcare.

Olivier K. N’Da
Managing Partner

Information systems & technology and digital communication Project Director (B2B, B2C) with over 18 + of international experience.

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Area of Activity

Based in Côte d’Ivoire SCOPS Consulting intervenes in West and francophone Africa on the performance weaknesses of healthcare systems in terms of efficiency and quality.

Our Footprint


Blameless in our approach we need to earn your trust.


Fully adhere to your project by facing your challenges with responsibility.


Consider all the points of view, speak with one voice while collaborating with the aim of constructive progress with you.

SCOPS Consulting

SCOPS CONSULTING is a consultancy firm dedicated to the healthcare sector and specializes in the development of infrastructure and healthcare projects.

SCOPS Consulting

SCOPS CONSULTING est un cabinet de conseil spécialisé dans le développement de projet et infrastructure de santé.

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+225 22 43 60 03
Cocody – Abidjan
Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory-Coast)

+225 22 43 60 03
Cocody – Abidjan
Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory-Coast)